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Links to the King

Here are some King-related sites worth a visit.

Official site
The official site is of course the place to go to get the latest news and to separate rumor from fact.

» www.stephenking.com

Very ambitious site for those who want to delve deeper into King's Dark Tower universe. Includes, among numerous other things, a Wiki encyclopedia.

» www.thedarktower.net

Horrorking.Com's Stephen King Site
This site may not have the most subtle of layouts (but hey, whose site does?), but is worth a visit anyway. For those so inclined, quizzes can be found.

» www.horrorking.com

The Marvel Dark Tower Comic
Here's an interesting project! King and illustrator Jae Lee will collaborate on a comic book project about Roland and his quest. Along with material from the novels, King will write new stories about Roland's adventures as a young man. Publication is to begin in April 2006.

» www.marvel.com/king

Lilja's Library
Very impressive fansite with lots of info and interviews. There's even an interview with King himself from Jan 2007.

» Lilja's Library

Fairly new fansite focusing on the Dark Tower books and comic, including a forum with fan fiction and what not, but also contains general King news.

» TheDarkTower.com


Palaver.se is a web site