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Some facts about Stephen King

Some facts about Stephen King. For more, consult Douglas E. Winter's wonderful "Stephen King: the art of darkness", still the best book on King and his work. George Beahm's "The Stephen King Companion" is also a good, if uneven, source of information.

Birth and life
Stephen King was born on sept 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. He still lives in Maine, now in Bangor, with wife and family.

Writing career
His first story to be published was I Was a Teenage Grave Robber (Comics Review, 1965). The same year he completed his first novel, The Aftermath, which is still unpublished. The first story he actually got paid for was The Glass Floor, which was published in Startling Mystery Stories in 1967. That year he completed The Long Walk and submitted it to a first-novel competition, where it was summarily dismissed. His first published novel was Carrie, which was released in hardcover in 1974.

Before being to able to write fulltime, King worked for example as a high school teacher, and in a laundry (the latter inspiring him to write Graveyard Shift, a short story which can be found in Night Shift). King plays what he calls "an adequate rythm guitar" and (miracle of miracles) has been in the same 'band' as another true artist and geniuos; Matt Groening. For more about the Rock Bottom Remainders, look here. Being fond of loud rock'n'roll King bought a radiostation in the eighties so that he could hear the music he liked on the AM-dial. WZON, it was called.


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