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  Clicket - a little game
[ 2011-09-27 ]
Just thought I'd mention that me and a pal have created a two-player game for iPad and iPhone, called Clicket. It's a lot of fun, (...)

Finally added: Duma Key
[ 2009-08-02 ]
Took me long enough, I know, but here they are: my thoughts on Stephen King's Duma Key (...)

Update to King section; Blaze
[ 2009-07-07 ]
Yup, finally something happened on this site - some brief thoughts on Blaze. (...)

Yes they did!
[ 2008-11-06 ]
Even after a few weeks of an assumed Obama victory, the reality of it stills seems overwhelming when you stop to think about it. (...)

Too funny
[ 2008-10-22 ]
There's simply too much to write about happening in the campaigns for me to find the energy. However, this is priceless! A word (...)

Stephen King
If asked to compile a list of my favorite stories of all time, I would probably fill half of it with novels and short stories by Stephen King.
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